JIVE - Joint Integration of VLC and Encryption

The vulnerabilities of traditional RF based wireless communications pose a security threat for the transmission of private data among co-located members in physically constrained spaces. Exchanging secure or private information in the clear over direct wireless links is potentially dangerous because eavesdroppers unseen to the communicating parties (e.g., nearby but outside of the room) may overhear the communication. JIVE is a novel encryption key sharing mechanism using Visible Light Communication (VLC). The inherently constrained nature of VLC makes it an ideal medium to communicate secure message encryption keys to individuals in a shared, secure physical space. JIVE can be applied to many scenarios including securing health care information, authenticating smart home IoT devices, and exchanging trade secrets.

Project Participants: Jayanth Shenoy (Undergraduate student), Aditya Tyagi (Undergraduate student), Meha Halabe (Undergraduate student), Dr. Christine Julien (MPC director)


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