Warble: Middleware for Discovery in the IoT

Advances in sensing and networking along with ubiquitous Internet connectivity have paved the way for today's massive Internet of Thing (IoT) market. Despite the vast potential of connecting to myriad devices across homes, office buildings, and public spaces, there is still a large need to unify the scattered protocols, hubs, and cloud services while personalizing end user experiences. Enabling personalized IoT experiences requires an open infrastructure, backed by expressive and flexible middleware that enables developing applications to address diverse individual needs. Warble is a middleware for personalized IoT applications that encapsulates device and protocol complexities, abstracts communication and IoT devices' impacts in physical spaces into flexible programming abstractions, and enables applications to learn from their prior interactions in the IoT.

Project Participants: Dr. Christine Julien (MPC director), Dr. Gruia-Catalin Roman (collaborator at The University of New Mexico), Nathaniel Wendt (Ph.D. student)