Mobile and Pervasive Computing Group

The Mobile and Pervasive Computing Group is located in the Engineering Education and Research Center at the University of Texas at Austin. We focus on networking, design, and software engineering issues for emerging pervasive, ubiquitous, mobile, and opportunistic networked applications. We have a particular focus on context- and situation-awareness and how this information can be employed to make flexible adaptive applications that are responsive to their particular environments and their particular users’ needs.


Sep 22, 2022 New group website is live! :blush:

Selected Publications

  1. Smart
    Project moveSMART: When Physical Education Meets Computational Thinking in Elementary Classrooms
    Fritz, Connor, Bray, Dylan, Lee, Grace, Julien, Christine, Burson, Sheri, Castelli, Darla, Ramsey, Carol, and Payton, Jamie
  2. Smart
    Development of a school-based physical activity intervention using an integrated approach: project SMART
    Jung, Yeonhak, Burson, Sheri L, Julien, Christine, Bray, Dylan F, and Castelli, Darla M
    Frontiers in Psychology 2021