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Gander is a personalized search engine for mobile networked environments characterized by high volumes of short-lived data.

In collaboration with Jamie Payton and Gruia-Catalin Roman.

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Pervasive Computing Data Model

spatiotemporal trajectories

We are designing a general-purpose data model that takes into account the inherent spatial and temporal needs of  pervasive computing applications.

In collaboration with Jamie Payton and Gruia-Catalin Roman.

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Past Projects

car2go Visualization


A heatmap tool to visualize live car2go vehicle data in a web browser.

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Arduino Sensing Platform

extensible arduino library

A lightweight general purpose sensing framework for Arduinos that grew out of the development of large wireless sensor deployment. The library enables multiple independent sensing tasks to be flexibly deployed on a single Arduino board.

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Mobile Acoustic Modems in Action

aerial acoustic communication on smartphones

An exploration and evaluation of the use of sound for device-to-device communication between mobile devices.

Also, see the Digital Voices project.

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totally ordered multicast messaging

SkeenZone is a lightweight and extensible Java framework that enables development of distributed mobile applications.

Co-developed with Kyle Prete.

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Real-Time Optimization of Mobile Video Transmission

UAV communication

A rate-distortion optimized protocol specifically targeted at video streaming over mobile networks.

Co-developed with Ahmed Abdel-Hadi.

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Bidirectional Structural-Behavioral Change Mapper (BsbCMapper)

structural vs. behavioral deltas

BsbCMapper is a prototype Java tool that automatically identifies a mapping between structural source code changes and dynamic behavioral differences.

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Fuzzy Adjusting Navigation Drone Entirely Autonomous (FANDREA)

oh captain my captain

The SS FANDREA is a toy boat that self-navigates between remotely commanded waypoints using fuzzy logic. FANDREA has an on-board ultrasonic rangefinder for object avoidance.

Co-developed with Richard Wood.