James (Xi) Zheng

I am currently a Lecturer/Assistant Professor in Software Engineering in Macquarie University Australia. I have earned a PhD in Software Engineering from The University of Texas at Austin's Electrical and Computer Engineering. I was advised by Christine Julien. Four other professors in my PhD committee are: Dewayne Perry, Sarfraz Khurshid, Miryung Kim, Raul G. Longoria

Research Interests

Current Research Projects

To potential students

I am recruiting well motivated and dedicated PhD students to do research in above-mentioned research domains and research projects. I am also welcoming students to do internship units with me for those interesting yet challenging research projects. For the current research projects, please check IoT Research Projects in Macquarie Australia


Professional Activities

My PhD works

My PhD thesis looks into a practical way of bringing formal methods (e.g., temporal logics and automata theories) and simulation models into CPS runtime verification. My other research interests include distributed computing, multicore computation, Big Data, Relationship Database, Information Retrieval, Object-Oriented programming and design patterns, Model checking and simulation, Web application development and application development for smart phones.

Some Hobbies

I enjoy hiking, horse riding (stopped at canter training a few years ago), latin dance (salsa and Bachata, stopped as a trainer for beginner class), southern style shaolin kungfu (stopped systematic training a few years ago as a trainer for juniors), english literature, passioniate in music/karaoke/photography/chinese literature (though good at none of them).