XD Middleware

Device-to-device (D2D) communication technologies are growing in availability and popularity and are commonly used to facilitate applications in Internet of Things (IoT) environments. Such environments are characterized by heterogeneous devices, often employing diverse communication technologies with varying energy consumption, discovery ranges, and transmission rates. While many IoT proponents aim to homogenize communication by advocating for a single technology, we propose XD: a middleware that integrates diverse D2D technologies "under the hood" and allows application developers to interact with devices in the network as if they were unified under a single technology without the actual limitation of homogeneity. XD provides a unifying operating framework, where applications separate content into lightweight, periodic context and heavyweight, bulky data. The XD middleware sits between the application and the communication technologies, easing the development of IoT applications.

Project Participants: Tomasz Kalbarczyk (Ph.D. student), Dr. Christine Julien (MPC director)