There is no official release of MaDMAN yet, however the code and accompanying configuration files used for the experiments in our MobiSys 2010 submission is available for download.

Click Elements

The Click elements used in the paper are available here. They must be unpacked into the ./elements/local diretory of Click, after which click is recompiled following the standard procedure. This iteration of MaDMAN does not require the kernel module, however, please ensure that "--enable-local" has been passed to the click configuration file prior to compliling the MaDMAN modules. They will not be compiled otherwise.

Configuration Files

The configuration files (the .click files) used in the paper are available here. There are three files,,, and which correspond to the Source, Sink, and Data Mule referenced in the paper. If you wish to experiment with these configurations, the IP, and Ethernet addresses must be changed to reflect the ones assigned to the nodes.